The Navy League Cadet Corps of Canada is a non-profit program for youth 9 - 12 years old. It is a naval themed program where progress is marked through promotions and ranks. 

The program is designed to teach good citizenship, leadership, sense of duty, self-discipline, teamwork and respect for others with an emphasis on citizenship, teamwork and friendship. 

Our Corps, NLCC 220 Adventure is based out of Milton. 

Navy League Cadets get to do a lot of fun, interesting activities, in an environment that emphasizes teamwork. The Navy League Cadet Program is a great place to make friends and do things you wouldn't get to do anywhere else.

Come join us now! 

This is an unofficial cadet website created for information purposes for use by the cadets, parents and the local community.  It is not intended to represent the Department of National Defence, the Canadian Forces, Cadets Canada, the Navy League of Canada, or the Government of Canada. This website is property of the Navy League Milton Branch Official Sponsor of NLCC Adventure. Comments about any components and/or content of this site should be addressed to adm.nlcc.adventure@gmail.com